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Soft Gel Food Colouring

Soft Gel Food Colouring is a concentrated food colouring specially developed for whipped cream topping, having an appropriate consistency that allows for quick and easy colouring, without destabilizing the preparation.

It is used to colour preparations.

Applied in cream type topping (whipped cream, frosting, marshmallow), such as gum paste.

Soft gel food colouring has a practical packaging, facilitating its application. It has the appropriate consistency, allowing for quick and easy colouring (in addition to not destabilizing the whipped cream).

* Some useful TIPS:

- If your frosting turns bitter, it doesn't necessarily have to be the reason the colouring has gone bad. Soft gel food colouring has a lighter texture compared to other food colourings, which favors a quick colouring of the preparation and, consequently, makes it more concentrated. Seeking a more vivid tone, there may have been an excess of food colouring application in the preparation, characterized by bitterness.

- We recommend the use of 6 to 16g (0.6 to 1.6%) of Soft gel Food Colouring per kg of final product. However, the ideal amount will always be defined through tests for each case, as according to Resolution 04/88 CNS of the Ministry of Health, the amount sufficient to obtain the desired effect is used.