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Privacy Policy


Our store guarantees identity safety and privacy to the users that shop in our virtual store. Registered information such as name, address and credit card number are protected by advanced criptography systems.

Our site has taken the required legal measurements concerning data safety, having installed all the means and measures at out disposal to avoid loss, misuse, change, non-authorized access or wrongful subtration of the personal data collected. Nevertheless, the user must be aware that safety measures regarding the Internet aren't completely infallible.

Our store reserves the right to change this policy to adapt it to changes in legislation or jurisprudence, or relative to commercial practices. In any case, our store will announce on the website, through this page, the changes made with reasonable notice.


By registering, the clients determine voluntarily that they desire to give the Personal Information required in the contract, update or cancelling of such services or products offered on the website.

The Personal Information collected at our store will be subject to automated treatment, being incorporated to the corresponding electronic registrations of personal information, of which our store will be the holder and responsible for. The data received and used by our story, as well as by the partners contracted by our store for services offered on this website are part of this policy.


The personal data obtained by clients are used with the basic purpose of identifying the user audience, its profile and purchasing habits, for management, administration, customer service, upscalling and improvement of products and services offered; also for the adaptation of the services to the users' preferences, for the creation of new products and services, for sending operational and commercial information relative to products and services, through traditional and/or eletronic means.


- Promptly correnting any changes relative to the User's Personal Information. For this, the User must inform Little Cake Shop.com of any change in the respective information;

- Not publish without previous authorization, under any circumstances, the user's email used to register in pages that require filling out personal information;

- Allow the user to cancel, at any moment, the sending by e-mail of information material previously requested;

- Not sell or publish the information of our clients for other purposes that aren't for the actions of our store.

Our store has the policy of not publishing use access information, unless it is obligated to do so through judicial order or in the strict following of the law. Likewise, our store maintains the confidentiality of the privated information registrated by its users, only revealing to third parties in cases where there aren't any legal prohibitions, or due to judicial order or, with the authorisation of their holders.


Our store can, eventually, save data files called "cookies" on the user's computer. These files don't occupy space in the micro memory, but with them it is possible to personalize each viewed page on the website, which makes the navigation experience more interesting and quicker. However, the deactivation of instalation of these files on the browser may happen, if you so prefer, even if you continue to use our services that the website offers.


Our e-mail practices are within the stardards estabilished by the Code of Advertising Self-Regulation Practices For E-mail Marketing, provides the use of e-mail as a marketing tool, in an ethical, relevant and responsible way, without damage to the concomitant application of the applicable legislation in force.

The e-mails will be sent only with your authorization and will be able to be deactivated anytime through a deactivation link in the newsletters. However, after requesting the cancelation, our store may take up to seven days to process the request.

Our story is against sending e-mails without prior authorization (known as SPAM). By registering in our site, you may choose if you wish or not to receive e-mails with our store's information and sales. Our store never sends e-mails requesting the confirmation of information/registration with executable attachments (exe, com, scr, bat extensions) and download links.