Orders made by 11am are sent on the same business day.
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Purchasing Process

1. Register
To make an order it is necessary to access www.littlecakeshop.pt and register as a usar in the website, filling out the eletronic form and following the instructions in each step. After the registration the user will be able to purchase the products.

2. Availability of the products
The products listed on the site www.littlecakeshop.pt are available for ordering and there may be, at times, a difference between or errors in the stock indicated.

3. Order Confirmation
After receiving your order, The Little Cakeshop provides the client information about the availability of sending the requested items, as well as the total value of the order (by total value it is understood the total sum of the value of all the items and the value of the shipping fees).
After receiving the total order value, the client has 48 hours to make the payment through bank transfer or mbway, to 

NIB: 0193 0000 10504215384 64 ou IBAN: PT50 0193 0000 1050 4215 3846 4 ou Conta CTT: 10504215384

MBway: 934382069

The order is only considered valid after sending the receipt of payment.

4. Shipping and Delivery
After confirming the availability of the items and the respective payment, your order will be sent in the following business day.

The shipping and delivery of the order will be made by the CTT, DPD or GLS, services through whice the order is delivered to the shipping address, until 19:00 of the day following the business day which the order was sent.

If the client wants to change the shipping address and the order has already been sent to the CTT, DPD or GLS, another shipping fee will be charged.

The aforementioned service has a specific price table based on the order's weight.

The Little Cakeshop isn't responsible for any delays on the shipping and delivery of the order after the moment which it is dispatched at the CTT or Chronopost.

After the bank transfer is made by the client and confirmed by The Little Cakeshop, the order is sent within 2 business days, and the delivery time is 3-4 business days.