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Antimould for Food 50g Mix

Antimould for Food 50g Mix

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Powdered additive, used as a preservative in doughs to prevent mold and mildew from forming. It can be applied to breads, cakes, and bakery in general. It should not be used in sugar-restricted products or in sweets and chocolates.

It is applied during preparation, with the indicated proportion: 1 teaspoon for 1 kg of wheat flour. Dilute the antimould mix in the preparation liquid.

Protects breads and cakes, increasing their shelf life, without compromising the flavor of the preparation.

*Some Helpful TIPS:

-The use of antimold in fillings is not recommended, as antimold also has corn starch in its formulation, which, when taken at inadequate temperatures, may leave the preparation “clumpy” or interfere with the texture and flavor of the filling.

- Putting a lot of antimould in your productions will not increase the shelf life even more. It may happen that the dough changes color (it will turn slightly blue after reaction with the yeast) because it contains excess calcium propionate in the preparation. Antimould has an effective action, as long as the application amount indicated on the package is respected.

Net weight: 50g.

Composition: Calcium propionate (INS 282) and corn starch. Does not contain dairy, egg or soy derivatives. Gluten-free.

Recommendation for use: 2.5g of antimold for each kg of flour.

Nutritional information: 2.5g
Calories: 0kcal=0kj; carbohydrates: 0g.