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Chantilly Hulalá 500ml

Chantilly Hulalá 500ml

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Whipped cream type vegetable cream, ideal for toppings, fillings, mousses, coffees, desserts, drinks and others. It has stability, has excellent resistance to room temperature. It is ideal for toppings and decorations with the use of a piping bag. Can be mixed with food colouring and other ingredients.

Net Weight: 500ml

Ingredients: Water, interesterified vegetable fat, sugar, salt. Stabilizers: sorbitol (INS 420), sodium caseinate, hydroxypropylcellulose (INS 463), disodium phosphate. Emulsifiers: sodium stearoyl lactate (INS 481i), mono and diglyceride fatty acids esters (INS 471), soy lecithin (INS 322). Aroma identical to natural cream and vanilla, colouring identical to natural beta carotene (INS 160a(i)). Allergy: Contains dairy and soy derivatives. Gluten-free. Does not contain lactose.

Nutrition Facts 20g Serving

Calories: 59kcal=248kj. Carbohydrates: 3.5g. Proteins: 0g. Total Fats: 5g. Saturated Fats: 4.7g. Trans Fats: 0g. Dietary Fiber: 0g. Sodium: 18mg.

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