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Forma De Chocolate - Forma De Chocolate Especial 3 Partes - Cascão (54)
Forma De Chocolate - Forma De Chocolate Especial 3 Partes - Cascão (54)

Chocolate Mould 3 Pieces - Cascão (54)

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Acetate with silicone mould - Big Cone

Mould composed of 3 pieces, 1 of them being silicone and the other 2 acetate. Ideal for making chocolate cones; you can make the decoration for a sweets table; to give as gifts at your events; and much more.

The acetate with silicone moulds are super easy to use; all you have to do is pour the melted chocolate until it reaches the marking that comes in the smooth mould. Lightly tap it against the sink or table to eliminate air bubbles that may have formed. Then, place the silicone mould on the chocolate, fit the other acetate mould, adding pressure, so that the chocolate spreads to the sides. Flip the mould, put to refrigerate until the smooth mould detaches from the chocoalte (approximately 12 minutes). Carefully remove the acetate and silicone moulds. Then you can decorate it as desired!

Approximate product dimensions:
Length: 10 cm
6 cm
3 cm
Shell weight:
40 g
1 mould composed of 3 pieces
Number of cavities:
2 cavities
100% Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) (PE)

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