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Chocolates - Chocolate Callebaut Branco W2 - 1kg

Callebaut White Chocolate W2 - 1kg

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Pack of 1kg of White Chocolate Wafer, cpm 28% Cocoa and 29.5% Cocoa butter.
The W2 is another chocolate from a recipe originally created by Octaaf Callebaut becoming the favorite of many chefs. More Belgian impossible, as it is made with milk from cows grazing on Belgian lawns and sugar from local beets.
It has a delicious milk flavor, creamy and caramelly, with hints of vanilla. W2 pairs well with many ingredients and flavors: from bitter to sour, from spices and herbs, from fruits to beers.
With medium fluidity, it is a chocolate for many applications.

We are not responsible for the exchange of Callebaut Chocolates sent by our transporters. We do not guarantee the quality and the exchange (if it melts in the transport).

As it is a Belgian Chocolate, it is always more sensitive to heat!